Welcome, 2016!

Welcome, 2016!!! I’ve been lucky enough to have some time off from work these last few weeks & even luckier to get to spend some time with my family in Florida over that time. While in Florida, my mom threw her second annual end-of-year celebration for family and friends. It’s a complete blast – with my favorite foods, perfect weather, and even a champagne bar! I intended to take some pictures to share, but got lost in the fun of the night. However, I did document some cute DIYs that we put together for some fun party touches…

I’ve definitely said this too many times on the blog (and one of my new years resolutions is to learn how to cook 5 dishes this year!), but I really can’t cook (yet). I burn lean cuisines and following a recipe seems like quantum physics to me. But, my mom and I put together a desert that was delicious yet required almost NO skill – even I could do it! The recipe is SO simple:

Take mini-Reeses from the wrapper and place on a tray. Next, put icing on each and sprinkle M&Ms over the tray. Finally, stick a toothpick in each.

Reeses Simple Desert 2

Reeses Simple Desert 1

SO simple & SO delicious!

Second, my mom wanted to put together party favors for all the guests (such a nice touch) and  decided on gift bags. If you’ve been reading along with the blog lately, you know I love a good pun, and these gift bags hit the nail on the head!

Party Survival Kit 1

Party Survival Kit 3

Party Survival Kit 2

Aren’t they the cutest!?!?

Thanks for reading along & happy new year!!

Cheers Jac

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