diy POP FIZZ CLINK clutch purse

The sounds of champagne…. Pop. Fizz. Clink…. goes hand-in-hand with thoughts of celebrating. And, with the holiday season upon us, there is no shortage of celebrating! I wanted something special to wear to the parties in the upcoming season and went searching around Joann Fabrics for some inspiration.

I came home with an assemblage of goodies that I used to create a clutch pocket-book! I’m slightly obsessed with the goodies that I found to make this process happen. As a warning, this tutorial is a little long, but I promise, the process itself is quite easy.

Pop Fizz Clink Clutch

The first thing I found was this clutch handle from a company called Everything Mary (I can’t seem to find it online, but I bought it at Joann Fabrics). It has little holes along along the top, so you can hand sew any fabric into the top.

Everything Mary Clutch Top

I bought 1/4 yard of gray cotton fabric with small sparkly triangles on it.

Fabric for Clutch

I placed the top of the clutch on the fabric and drew the shape clutch that I wanted, leaving some extra on each side for sewing it up. I folded it in half at the bottom and cut along the slides of the bag. I left the bottom un-cut, as this will eventually be the bottom of the bag.

Tracing Clutch

From one side, the cut piece looked like this…

Tracing Clutch 2

And un-folded it looked like this…

Tracing Clutch 3

Next, I found Lumi Inkodye snap packs (the price keeps on changing on Amazon, but I bought it for around $3 or $4) (affiliate link). I had never even heard of these before, but they are amazing (!!) – simply put, they are dye packs that are sun activated. The same UV rays that make you tan activate the dye from the packs. As a result, anything that you use to block the sun will leave that section un-dyed.

Lumi Inkodye Packs

Using my Silhouette Portrait (I cannot get enough of this thing… I seriously don’t know how I did crafts before it!) (affiliate link), I typed out the letters I wanted so they would be width of the clutch. If you don’t have a Silhouette, you can of course use scissors to cut out the shapes you want.

Pop Fizz Clink in Silhouette

I printed them on vinyl paper (affiliate link) so they would stick (even if was loosely) to the fabric.

Pop Fizz Clink Print on Vinyl Paper

Finally, it was time to have fun with the dye! I laid my fabric down on cardboard and spread the dye all over the fabric. Once I was sure the whole surface was covered, I dabbed it with paper towels to make sure the fabric was wet to the touch but not soaking wet. Finally, I put my vinyl in place & moved the cardboard outside.

Vinyl on Inkodye

It was one of the few cloudy days in sunny Southern California, so I was worried the process wouldn’t work correctly. But after 30 minutes outside, I was shocked to see that the dye had developed into a dark grayish color! This is what it looked like after 15 minutes, you can see the color beginning to develop.

15 minutes through drying

After removing the vinyl, I rinsed the fabric in warm water and waited it for dry.

Half Vinyl Removed Inkodye

Next I used a simple and needle and thread to sew up the sides of the clutch.

Sewing up the side of the clutch

After it was sewn up, I turned it so that the proper side was showing outwards & attached the top of the clutch.

Sewing up the top of the clutch

Now I’m all ready for some funnn celebrations!!

Make Your Own Pop Fizz Clink Purse

Cheers Jac

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