A DIY Phone Case in Honor of “Pineapple Summer”

I’ve always loved pineapples, but mostly for their delicious taste. That was until this summer. Every time I go shopping or browse Instagram, I stumble upon some adorable pineapple decor. I swear it must be the summer of the pineapple – with this classic piece of fruit taking over our minds and homes. I’m all in on “pineapple summer” and totally loving it as an accessory. These are some pieces I’ve had my eye on for a while…

I’m totally in love with decanters (you can read more about my obsession here)… and can’t stop staring at this pineapple-turned-decanter from Pier 1.


These pineapple jars. The set from Amazon (affiliate link) comes with two jars, one a few inches taller than the other. How adorable!? 


A silver pineapple that holds ice, it only makes sense. It’s from one of my fave stores, CB2. I could see this on my bar now….


An acrylic pinapple. ‘Nuff said. [from Amazon (affiliate link)]


With pineapple on the mind, I was insta-browsing to look for some iPhone case inspiration after finally (!!) getting a new phone. I stumbled upon this adorable pineapple case, the perfect accessory to end pineapple summer.

Pineapple Case Inspiration

However, as we are quickly approaching Labor Day, I knew I wouldn’t want a pineapple case for the long term. Instead, I invested in a clear case (and by invested, I mean got the best deal ever on Amazon – (affiliate link)) and made my own. The best part is that I can totally change the pineapple out in 2 seconds flat when the leaves start falling and pineapple summer fades away. Here is how to make this beauty:

Find a cute pineapple image online, this one was from Google images. I pasted it in Word and stretched the size until it was the same size of my phone (5.5 inches tall).

Pineapple Case Print Out

After printing it, I cut along the outer lines and cut the pineapple in half.

Pineapple Case Cut Out

I placed the half into the case with the bright colors facing out. I simple placed my phone in the case over the image and it easily held it in place. I didn’t even use any tape or adhesive!

Pineapple Case Final

I made some other options, too!

One Case Unlimited Designs

I may be biased, but how cute are my nieces in the middle option!?

Thanks for reading along!

Cheers, Jac

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