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Hi everyone!! Welcome back to Mommy Champs!! Hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving!! And, ready, set, go… on to the holiday season! I absolutely love the holidays but they came way too fast this year!

A Day of Family Friendly DIYS - Mommy Champs 4

I actually have a fun decorating idea for a kid’s area in addition to the DIY project, recipe, and kid’s project. But, let’s start with the DIY project. For Halloween this year, my friend and I decided that it would be fun to dress the kids in farm animal costumes and the adults would be farmers. We thought it would be cute to dress the girls in tutus in the color of their animal, and we decided to make them. They were time consuming to make but not hard at all.

Here are the steps:

  1. Measure satin ribbon (1.5”) to the length of your child’s waist… Add 10 inches on each side- My daughter, Olivia, was 21 inches+10+10 = 41inches
  2. Sear the edges of the ribbon with a flame so it doesn’t run
  3. Make a knot about 8 inches in on each side. The knot will take an inch or two of the fabric
  4. Measure the child’s waist to knee in inches. Double that and cut all of the tulle to that length. Olivia is 8” from waist to knee so I made 16” cuts.
  5. Make A LOT of 16-inch tulle length cuts… I started with 20 cuts of each color and then had to go back and cut more. I used two colors.
  6. To put the tulle on ribbon, fold in half and put under the ribbon, which will create a loop. Then, bring back the tulle, feed through the loop, and pull tight

Home Made Tutus

My little piggy and pony! They loved wearing their tutus so we will definitely be making more for other special occasions! Tutus are good for any time of the year.

Speaking of my little animals, I was asking my mom for some good decorating tips for the girls’ rooms. She told me about how she decorated their room at her house, and I thought it was such a great and fun idea that I had to share! She bought glass jars and filled them with crayons and legos.

Legos and Crayons in Jars

Aren’t they so cute?!?! I LOVE them and can’t wait to add some to Emma & Olivia’s rooms!

When I was speaking to my mom about the decorations, I also asked her about ideas for Hanukkah crafts for the kids. We’ve done the menorah handprint multiple times so I wanted to do something different! My mom suggested (she is seriously the most creative person I know) making a menorah that the kids could help make but was functional for their age (2 & 3 which means NO real candles). For those of you that don’t know, a menorah is a candle holder that has 8 candle holders as well as an additional one, which is named the Shamash. To start, I bought a Hanukkah tin tray, 10 small canning jars, a mason jar, some decorative shredded paper, and Hanukkah stickers. I placed the mason jars and canning jars on the tray and let the kids decorate them with stickers. For each night of Hanukkah, we will then add the decorative shredded paper to the jar to represent the candle lit. The kids had a blast, and now, they can’t wait for Hanukkah to begin!

Mason Jar Menora

Decorating Mason Jars

Decorating Mason Jars 2

After our craft was done, I decided to make a pie for dessert! My husband LOVES pecan pie so I asked my mom for her famous recipe. Anytime the family gets together, one of us ALWAYS requests her to make this pie! It is seriously so delicious and easy to make. The recipe is from Karo Syrup (

The ingredients are shown in the picture:

Pecan Pie Mommy Champs

Mix all of the ingredients together, except the pie crust of course. Then, place the pie crust in a pie pan and pour the mixed ingredients in. Bake the pie at 350 degrees for 60-70 minutes and cool for two hours.

pecan pie 2

I can’t wait to go eat another piece now! Thank you all for reading! Hope you have a very happy holiday seasons!



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