3 Projects in 1 day from a DIY Loving Mom – Mommy Champs 3

3 Projects in One Day from a DIY Loving Mom - Mommy Champs 3

Hi everyone!! Welcome back to Mommy Champs! Hope you’re all having a great Fall! It’s a little too hot for me in Greensboro… Apparently, NC still thinks it’s summer! Despite the warm weather, we had a great weekend!

We started off on Saturday with gymnastics, a run to Target, and then the rest of the day at home! While at Target, I picked up some great items including a hot dog costume (see below) for my parents’ dog who is visiting, a few finishing touches for this month’s DIY craft, and a pumpkin decorating kit.

Mommy Champs III - 6

I know… Meanest sister ever! Let’s start this post with the DIY project. Emma’s bow collection was getting a little out of hand so I decided to come up with a way to hang some of her commonly used bows. I’d seen lots of ideas on Pinterest but went with a simple wooden E and some paint.

Mommy Champs III - 4

Mommy Champs III - 2

I decided to paint the whole base pink then add blue polka-dot accents. After that, I added some ribbon with gorilla tape and voila – a new bow hanger! Please note that I lightly seared the end of the ribbon with a flame so it would seal and not run.

Mommy Champs III - 1

Once my kids noticed I had been painting, they wanted to join… So, we decided to use our newly purchased pumpkin decorating kit and add some Minnie into our Halloween decorations. The kit that we purchased comes with paint, a brush, and a Minnie parts.

Mommy Champs III - 5

The girls helped me paint the pumpkin pink. Afterwards, we let it dry overnight. In the morning, Emma and I added the decorations! They easily went in, and we are so happy with our Minnie pumpkin!

Mommy Champs III - 3

My husband and I love to watch football and eat yummy football foods. Lately, we have become obsessed with Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Chicken Dip. It’s a perfect midday treat for any football day, and it is so easy and delicious!

The ingredient list includes shredded, cooked chicken, cream cheese, Frank’s RedHot Original Caynne Pepper Sauce, crumbled blue cheese, and ranch dressing. We also recommend a good baking dish.

Mommy Champs III - 8

We usually boil the chicken for about 20 minutes then shred. Once all the ingredients are mixed together, bake for 20 minutes! We love to serve the dips with Fritos scoops. Such a quick, easy, and delicious way to snack! For all you vegetarians out there, just leave out the chicken! It will be extra creamy and still so scrumptious. Below is a picture of the finished project – yummy!!

Mommy Champs III - 7

Have a great week! And, Happy Halloween – hope you have a spooky fun time!

Cheers Jess

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