The Easiest DIY Art You’ll Ever Make!

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I had one of those “will anyone else find this even remotely interesting” moments when I was about to write this post, but my friend Ali (unbeknownst to her) said “Brilliant idea – put that on the blog!” when I sent her a picture of the finished project – which propelled me forward to making this post! As such, I am calling this project: the easiest DIY art you’ll ever make. I’m not kidding, I think my 3-year old niece could do this project, blindfolded.

Make DIY Marbled Art in Less than Three Minutes

I was walking through HomeGoods the other day looking for a few accessories to put the finishing touches in the living room on the beachy bliss apartment when I stumbled upon this piece of marbled art.

Marble HomeGoods Art

I have always loved the intricacies of marble, and I immediately connected with the colors of this piece and the idea of turning marble into art. However, the grandeur of the piece was too big for my space. And, the shine came off as a little over-the-top in person. I know this piece of art could look beautiful in the right space, but it was definitely not right for my space. Nonetheless, I loved the idea of marbled wall art, especially for the entryway of my home as it would visually connect to the marbled plate wall that is diagonal in the distance from the entryway.

About a week later, I was in Paper Source just browsing (#obsessed #iwantedeverything), and it appeared like magic out of no where. It was the most beautiful and perfect piece of paper I’d ever seen.

Paper Source Shopping for Marbled Paper

The edges of the paper look like they’re nicely torn, and the colors are black and cream with a splash of gold. Here’s a more professional snap from their website:

Paper Source Marbelized Paper

So, I got home and took a frame that I had bought during a 2-for-1 special at Michael’s (it’s the partner to the but first, champagne art in the bar area) and turned the paper that comes inside the frame onto it’s backside for a plain white surface. I laid the piece of marbled paper down until it looked centered visually, then put tape on the backside of the marbled paper to adhere it to the white paper. Next, I closed up the frame and hung it on the wall, which was by far the hardest part since it’s a big frame (24″ x 36″) and I decided to be stubborn and hang it it when I was home alone! Here are a few views of the finished vignette:

DIY Marbled Art in Entry Way 2

DIY Marbled Art in Entry Way 3


DIY Marbled Art in Entry Way 4

Thanks so much for reading along!!

Cheers Jac

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