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Home Map for Champagne DIY

We plan on slowly revealing sections of our homes as we finish them, and we will always update you in a blog post when we do! As some background…

Jac is a renter in two apartments. She found out a couple months ago that she got her dream job, but it is about 250 miles from her husband’s job. To make it work, they decided to get two apartments in two different cities. They spend most weekdays apart and spend every weekend together. It is not traditional, but it is making for a really fun and crazy adventure! Both apartments have a lot of black, white, and metallics because she is obsessed with the combination, but the first apartment in Las Vegas (which we’ll call the”glitzy glam apartment”) is a little more modern than the second in Santa Monica – where she is going for a little bit of a beachy vibe (the “beachy bliss apartment” for short).

Jess and her husband own their home in North Carolina. Her decor is a little more subtle where Jac can be adventurous, with a simple elegant style and a love for tans and blues. She has two little kids running around the house, so her home decor needs to be both functional and pleasing to the eye.

In more detail…


I’m sure with champagne in the title of our blog, it will come as no surprise that a good bar is a must for any apartment of Jac’s! She loves to entertain, loves the nostalgia of good glassware, and can’t resist a pretty decanter (she chats more about her decanter obsession here). The first area that was completely finished in the beachy bliss apartment was none-other than the bar!

Bar Area in Beachy Bliss Apt

Beachy Bliss Bar Reveal 1

Beachy Bliss Bar Reveal 2

beachy bliss bar reveal 3

beachy bliss bar reveal 4

beachy bliss bar reveal 5

Projects: Contact Paper Faux Wallpaper

Sources (links are affiliate links): Bar (aka, sofa table) | Reed & Barton Wine Glasses| Reed & Barton Crystal Martini Glasses| Reed & Barton Crystal Rocks Glasses | Reed & Barton Crystal Highball Glasses | Reed & Barton Soho Decanter | Other Decanters: one is vintage; one is from target a long time ago | Cocktail Utensil Holder: HomeGoods | Bottle Holder: Vintage Store

The apartment has a nook off the living room that is both a walkway connecting the other spaces in the apartment along with the perfect place for a small table and chairs. For a reference point, the back wall of the dining nook is what Jac used for the bar area above. To tie the spaces together, Jac had to buy furniture and create art that wouldn’t clash against the bold pattern of the black-and-white faux wallpaper. She also wanted to add some lighter tones and blue colors to keep with the subtle beachy vibe.

Finished Dining Nook Champagne DIY

Dining Nook Table and Chairs

Dining Room - Fish Vase and Rope Placemat

Dining Nook with Garden Stool and Plates

Dining Nook Garden Stool

Dining Nook Marbled Plates 1

Dining Nook Marbled Plates 2

Projects: DIY Marbled Plates

Sources: Tweed CB2 chairs | Glass top table from Hayneedle | Blue & white garden stool from HomeGoods, similar stools here and here [Amazon affiliate links] | Fish vase/pitcher from HomeGoods, similar quirky vase/pitcher here [Amazon affiliate link] | Rope placemat – diy-ed from this rope [Amazon affiliate link]


Continuing with the bar theme, the bar in the glitzy glam apartment is also ready for its close up…

Full Bar Area

Up Close of Garden Stool for Bar Area

Up Close of Decanters for Bar Area

Up Close of Decanters for Bar Area 2

Projects: DIY Decanter Tags

Sources: Cabinet – Crate & Barrel (this is a newer version, mine is from years ago) | Garden stools – HomeGoods… some similar others that I adore are here (affiliate link)| Gold & Silver decanter – Crate & Barrel | “Jack” Decanter – Bloomingdale’s |”Ketel One” Decanter – Crate & Barrel | Artwork – HomeGoods |”Ciroc Berry” Decanter – Kate Spade available here (affiliate link) 

Moving to the rest of the living room, to give you an idea, we’ve included a very non-technical map of the area below:

Living Room Layout

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To add a little intrigue, Jac wanted to put a design to the mini accent walls. To do so, she simply used little bit of contact paper and it made a huge difference in the space!

Wall #1:

Faux Striped Wallpaper 1

Wall #2: Faux Striped Wallpaper 3 Faux Striped Wallpaper 4

Projects: Contact Paper Faux Wallpaper, Part II


More coming soon.


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