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Happy Thursday!

As Jessy and I have mentioned a bunch of times, our mom is seriously the most creative person ever & also an incredible decorator. Serendipitously, I didn’t have a DIY planned for this week, and when I was talking to my mom on the phone, she started telling me about some fun crafts she was doing in their home in Florida. So, you’re in for a treat — because this week I am sharing a fun DIY courtesy of my mom!!

DIY Name Banner

Jessy’s girls have a dedicated guest room in my parent’s house that is filled with yellows, blues, and touches of bright colors. If you saw Jessy’s latest Mommy Champs column, the picture of lego and crayon adorable storage (below) was taken in this space!

Legos and Crayons in Jars But, my mom wanted to make the room a little more personalized for the girls. To do so, she made two name banners to drape over the curtains.

Emma Olivia Banner Up Close

Don’t they look great!? Although the end result has a big impact on the room, my mom told me that the process to make the banners was quite easy. She bought mini-clothespins (pink in the picture), cute twine, scrapbook paper, and big sticky letters.

Supplies for Em O Banner

Next, she made a template from cardboard and cut out the shapes for flags on the banner.

Supplies for Em O Banner 2

After sticking the letters to each flag, she used the mini clothespins to attach each flag to the twine and then attached the twine to the back of the curtains also using the clothespins.

Emma Olivia Banner

An adorable addition to the girls’ room!! Thanks for reading along!

Cheers Jac

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