DIY Fool Proof Floral Art

DIY Floral Kid Art Created with Painter's Tape FINAL

Jessy & I are at our parents’ house for the week, and my mom wanted a piece of art for the little girls’ room. The project turned out better than even we expected! And the best part, the two babies (15 months and almost 3 years) actually made it themselves – for the most part.




















To prepare, the adults cut painters tape into half-moon shapes and placed them into a flower pattern all over the canvas (it is 30×40″ for reference). Full disclosure, this took a few hours. But, we did it with a few glasses of champagne, making it entirely bearable 😉

Step 1

Next, we put different color paint on plates and let the babies go for it! Baths were completely necessary afterwards.

Step 2

After a few hours of letting the paint dry, we pulled off the painter’s tape carefully.

Step 3

And that was it… A fool proof piece of floral art made for the little girlies’ room!

Step 4

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