Contact Paper Turned Renter’s “Wallpaper”

Hey there! In one of my first posts, I wrote about my love of wallpaper. I was sufficiently inspired by some jaw-dropping inspiration I found online…

Wallpaper Inspiration from Champagne DIY

But like most renters, I had to be careful of that bolded clause in my lease that says, “You’ll be in big trouble and owe us lots of money if you make any permanent changes to the apartment” (or something like that).

Enter: CONTACT PAPER!! It’s temporary, repositionable, versatile, super cheap, and therefore – perfect! I used contact paper as “wallpaper” in the beachy bliss apartment, and the resulting treatment changed the look of the whole place.

A little background on renter’s options before going into the details on this post. Stores sell “renter’s wallpaper” and there are often really cute patterns that are tempting – such as this adorable choice (affiliate link). The problem is that these rolls (at least in the versions I’ve seen) don’t cover a huge area of space – maybe 6 or 7 feet of width on a standard size wall. It’s a good option for smaller space and is definitely a lot less work than creating your own design with contact paper, but you’ll need to purchase a bunch of rolls for bigger spaces and the cost can add up. I’ve also seen a lot about liquid starch wall treatments on Pinterest, but that terrified me. Probably because I don’t even know what liquid starch is (no judgment zone!). That leaves contact paper – with awesome inspiration such as this cool triangle pattern at Uncycled Treasures.

The first step for the wall was choosing the pattern. If you follow Champagne DIY on Instagram (which you totally should – Jessy & I love followers!), you may have seen the below pattern I posted a while back. It was on a rug, and although I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to use it for, I knew it would be for something. So, I adapted it slightly for this project.

Instagram Pattern Inspiration

To turn this pattern into “wallpaper”, this first thing I did was buy the contact paper. GUYS – I searched long and hard for the right contact paper, and this stuff (affiliate link) is the REAL DEAL. Plus, it’s a massively good deal – a 75 foot long roll for under $15. And if you want other colors, such as this one in almond (affiliate link), it’s less than $20. Almost too good to be true.

While I waited for the contact paper to arrive, I made a stencil of the patterns on poster board. I used a plate and traced the circular shapes to get the look I wanted. I made two patterns, one for each shape in the inspiration. Once the contact paper arrived, I traced the patterns onto the back of the contact paper over and over and over again and used a plain old pair of scissors to cut the pieces.

Renter's Wallpaper Tracing

Many, many episodes of Law & Order and two delivery-meals later, I got started placing the pieces on the wall.

Wallpaper Beginning to Form on Wall

For every piece, you’ll peal off the back which leaves another “stencil”. Keep these “back stencils,” because they’ll help with the areas where you’ll use partial pieces, such as those at the bottom of the wall. You can press the “back stencil” up against the wall and drag your finger where you need to cut in order to create a new stencil for the space.

Partial Wallpaper Stencil

I ordered one roll, and it covered the whole wall with some extra to spare. It truly makes such a difference in the apartment, and I could not be more excited about the way it turned out!

Bar Area in Beachy Bliss Apt

PS. Check out more photos of the bar area here!!

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