Walmart shoes turned striped-tastic (and hiii, we’ve missed you!)

Hey there, long lost friends! We have missed you!

First, the elephant in the room…. Champagne DIY has been on quite a long siesta. Work started taking over my life, and Jessy’s part-time job turned full-time. Luckily we both should have some more time over the summer & fully intend to come back to blog-land, but we will have sporadic posts to fill our creative bugs until then!

A few weeks ago, I took the trek over to North Carolina to visit Jessy and her family along with our parents – and it was an amazing weekend full of family, fun, laughs, birthday celebrations, and of course – champs galore. Jessy & I snuck out on our own one night and ended up at Walmart to pick up some snacks for the munchkins. I glanced down one of the aisles on our way to find the pretzel section and saw a pair of black slip-on shoes under a red clearance sign. Although Jessy rolled her eyes, I insisted on a detour to try on a pair. I ended up purchasing them even though they weren’t that pretty (yet!), mostly because they were only TWO dollars! They definitely screamed for a make-over, which leads to today’s post on turning Walmart canvas shoes into cute striped-tastic slip-ons.

Canvas Walmart Shoes

Here’s what you’ll need complete a similar project…

  • A pair of canvas shoes to decorate
  • Paint – I used white acrylic
  • A small foam brush
  • Blue painter’s tape

I started by applying blue painters tape to the shoe in a striped pattern with a small space in between each piece of tape. I used my fingernails to ensure that the tape was tightly adhered to the canvas, especially along the edges.

Painters Tape on Shoe

Once the tape was covering the entire shoe, I used acrylic paint and a small foam paintbrush to paint within the stripes. Dab small amounts of paint lightly until each of the black area is covered lightly in white paint.

Partially Painted Shoes

Fully Painted Shoes

After allowing the shoe to dry, slowly remove the painters tape.

Shoe Reveal

After all the pieces were removed, you’ll see your striped masterpiece. These are definitely my new favorite pair of shoes!

Before and After Striped Shoes

Painted Shoes Adorable Transformation of 2 Dollar Canvas Shoes

Thanks for reading along!!

Cheers Jac

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