2015 Blooper Reel

There’s nothing like a good blooper reel. I don’t want to watch… I cringe… I smirk… and then I giggle incessantly when I realize that we all have the same mortifying things happen to us that we are convinced ‘only happen to me’. I was trying desperately to figure out how to end 2015 in blog-land and, while watching a really old RHONY “Lost Footage” episode on Hulu, I decided that sharing some of my “Lost DIYs”  was the perfect end to the year. Without further ado, here is my very own blooper reel to end 2015:

1. If you are a Pinterest addict like myself, you may have stumbled upon projects that use concrete or cement to make something that is so chic, so glamorous, and so [seemingly] easy. After browsing around Home Depot and realizing how much a bag of concrete actually weighs, I convinced my husband take a trip back with me and lug a large bag of concrete home (“Just imagine all I could make!”). I had envisioned concrete masterpieces reveling the Trevi Fountain and the statue of David. Instead, I ended up with a creepy hand.

Blooper Reel 1

To rewind a bit, I had seen (somewhere on Pinterest, can’t find the link anymore!) that you can simply pour concrete into a glove, tape it down, wait for it to dry – and voila, a cool piece of decor!

Blooper Reel 2

Voila turned more into *#%$@ as concrete dust was floating all over my kitchen and the “rapid-set” concrete didn’t cure for 2 days. After not being able to use my kitchen as it was a new cement-pouring-zone with less-than-glorious results, I poured a glass of champagne and Google-d why I was a failure.

Lesson learned: There are many types of concrete and cement. The one I bought was Quikrete and had rocks in it for it’s official purposes (??). Accordingly to my Google-ing, next time I should splurge beyond the $3.99 of Quikrete’s cheapest option for “casting cement” for DIY projects (I’ve read many good things about the ‘Cement All’ brand).

The concrete I bought looked like this:

Blooper Reel 3

2. My move into the beachy bliss apartment corresponded to the start of this blog & a few weeks off from work, so I was on a mission to DIY every-little-thing and document the results. When I wanted a place mat for the center of the dining room table under the flowers, I ordered twine online. After it was delivered, I realized my hot glue gun had no glue left and trekked over to Michael’s before understanding the full extent of LA traffic (read as: 1 hour each way for 6 miles) to pick up $3 worth of glue sticks. Back home and frustrated, I started to wind the twine around and secure it with the glue. If you’ve ever done this successfully, you deserve the DIY equivalent of the Nobel Peace Prize, because it was pretty much worse than herding cats with your eyes closed. Using contact paper to hold the thing still and about 4 sticks of glue, the twine finally stuck together in a circular fashion, but it looked more like a DIY my 3-year old niece made in pre-school than something that took me more hours than I’d like to admit .

Blooper Reel 4

However, with all the effort, I was certain I needed to make it work and it has sat on my dining room table ever since. As the old saying goes, it looks great from afar but far from great.

Blooper Reel 5

Lesson learned: For less stress, less money, and a better result, I easily could’ve ordered a pretty place mat online such as this one (affiliate link). It turns out that sometimes DIYing is not the answer!

3. I am totally in love with Inkodye (affiliate link), which I first debuted in my last post about making a “Pop Fizz Clink” clutch handbag for holiday parties. The two-second explanation of Inkodye is that it’s a tie-dye packet that is activated by the sun. Prior to using it on the “successful” clutch project, I had bought Inkodye to make art on an empty canvas I had sitting around. I envisioned a simple dyed/painted look for a picture with an outline of the LOVE statue in the middle. However, the dye gets everywhere easily and did not stick to my pre-marked section. Further, I didn’t manage to correctly center the LOVE, and it looked completely uneven & ridiculous.

Blooper Reel 6

Blooper Reel 7

Trying to salvage the project, I thought maybe I could use push-pin tacks to make a frame around the image. This one falls under #badjudgment #WHATwasithinking. It was so ugly that I stopped before finishing one side and promptly tossed it in the large trash bins in my back alley.

Blooper Reel 8

Lesson learned: When trying something new, it might take two tries (so, buy doubles!). I’m glad I didn’t give up on Inkodye after failing the first time.

If you’re feeling adventurous, I’d love to hear about what would top your 2015 blooper reel in the comments below!!!

With that, before I am officially out of blog-land until 2016, I wanted to say a big thank you to my sister, Jessy, who does much of the behind the scenes work on this blog (in addition to her Mommy Champs column, obviously). I had this crazy idea to start a blog for fun and a creative outlet, and she’s made it a much more fun adventure than had I been at it alone.

ALSO – we started this adventure for fun, but we’re so happy to see that some of you come back to read the posts each week. We so appreciate you being part of our little blog! Till the new year…

Cheers Jac

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